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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Not everybody gets this opportunity and its not often in life you undergo contemplating a project that will affect your life as much as a construction project. Complete Builders has had the honor over the last 3 decades to help many people and many businesses. With that experience, we can help smooth the entire process and also show how to take advantage of some of the new materials and stay away from others that are not what they claim.

Sometimes ideas come from necessity, but experience can bring out those ideas and maybe even more.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Why Complete Builders?

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
    • Not 1 year! Lifetime!
    • EVERYTHING is included, from the ground to the roof.
  • Experience
    • Over 35 years worth of tearing in to things and seeing why things fail.
    • Good experience like (commercial jobs, small and large residential jobs), and we can put that knowledge to use for you.
    • As a General Contractor you are not only involved but the contractor is responsible for the entire project. It gets real - fast.
  • Our size
    • We are not a large corporation (so you wont get lost and you dont pay their enormous overhead)
    • we are not a small unexperienced company (we have over 30 years experience, so much we can offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty).
  • We Will Focus on YOUR Project
  • Independant
    • We are not required to sell any one product line. What that means for you is, it is easily clear that we have your best interest in mind, we are on your side.
  • Extensive Planning
  • Male & Female Perspective
  • Fixed Price Contract
  • Detailed Schedule
It is our privilege to provide quality workmanship and customer satisfaction by designing and creating solutions that fit the needs of your home and family. We look at every project through the eyes of the customer. Whether a new home or a remodel, we listen to our customers needs and desires. We understand the importance of getting the job done right the first time. Our business grows from happy customers. We know the demand for an honest builder. Every customer deserves an honest and accurate appraisal of their project. When it comes to the changing needs of families, we pride ourselves in working closely with our customers to maintain the daily routines. We understand that the construction process can alter your family’s schedule and lifestyle, so we strive to minimize the impact. We offer a unique design perspective. Our customers benefit from both male and female perspectives. We understand that every member of the household has his or her own ideas. We are active before and during every job to combine the right ideas and solutions. Whether you have or need construction drawings, we can assist you by modifying our proprietary plans or by recommending a certified architect. With a history of kitchen design, bath design, and interior trim work, we know that detail can separate your home from your neighbors. We offer award-winning kitchen designs and cabinetry along with accomplished trim carpentry crews.
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Lifetime Warranty (Limited)

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