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Story Behind the Business

Complete Builders is a local, family ran company. One owner since the beginning. Here is some background on the owner of the company. Hard work, much time and effort has opened the doors to much experience and when remodeling or for new construction, you want someone with as much experience as possible.

The owner started early. His house burnt down when he was in 7th grade. Wanting to help, he was there and helped the crew rebuild the house, while missing a lot of school & time from his friends. He likes to refer to 1976 as the year he officially started in the construction field. That was the year he graduated from Lincoln High School and signed up to join the USMC. Left for bootcamp within 2 weeks, but before leaving, took on a couple small construction jobs. While in bootcamp his previous experience and extra effort to get things done was obvious and was chosen to be the guide for the entire platoon of 80 recruits. Once back, he got back into construction full time, did very well for a couple years. Everything crashed in early 80's putting 90% of contractors out of business. With that, the owner decided to try out computers and within 3 months was developing and writing programs for Mercy Hospital, then developing and writing specialized programs for the Ruan Corp. With his construction experience, after the flood of 1993, volunteered, then was hired by CRE to supervise the rebuilding of the entire old WDM and the homes in Saylorville Lake area. Many houses were rebuilt by volunteers in under 9 months.

The owner
The owner is Chuck Lacona, the oldest boy of the late Charley Lacona - Founder of Mama Lacona's in 1957

Chuck, the oldest boy, grew up with 3 sisters and 2 other brothers. One of the boys has a physical issue that required him to have over ten surgeries before he was even a teenager. That was unbelievably hard for his brother and the entire family. As the oldest boy, Chuck was designated the one to look after the younger siblings and did the best he could for his brother and entire family. Even today he looks at his jobs as a way to help other people.

While he was driving on the Interstate with his son and they were hit from behind. Completely totaled the car they were driving, leaving them both in unimaginable pain, so much so he couldn't even lift either arm and caused his son to loose out on any opportunity to be able to capitalize on his God given skills in sports.

It took years to recover after having his neck fused together. As an adult we have more ability to overcome whatever life throws at us, but for the son, a young man in high school? That's the tragedy here.

Now you know
Because of all this, it is even more important that work done for any new client is done and done right in order to rebuild his reputation.

Chuck has learned to overcome and naturally be a very driven and positive person, always there for the younger kids, but then also there for the sports teams he was playing on.

Chuck remembers; "Whenever anybody needed anything, I was there to help, the younger kids and even my dad. My dad started small, and with a large number of kids (6), my dad was always remodeling his restaurant on Beaver & Douglas. Moving this or that, adding an entire room, fixing everything in his restaurant. We worked hard and when it came time to add another dining room, my dad gave me my first chance at being a general contractor while I was still in high school. It was a room addition in a restaurant at 16. Most kids would say, no because they are a full time student, and time is limited and it would be just too much..., or didn't have the confidence that comes from experience. But really it was an opportunity to help my dad. The room addition turned out great and my dad loved it. Later, after getting back from the USMC, one of my first jobs was for Bishop Drum (part of Mercy Hospital). Moved a house and tore out and redid everything, inside and out. Its still there today. Close to that job site was a big building and on inside was a 20' tall 20' wide wall mural. I thought it was cool so I showed it to my dad. He liked it so much he put one in the restaurant and every location since."

The above talks about only a few experiences but there are many more both commercial and residential. So if you are remodeling or building from scratch, get someone with experience and make sure they have the right experience to consider for your project to be "Complete", NOT just getting it done, but done in a way it will look great, and knows how to make it last for years to come, by someone who cares.

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