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Bonuses are paid to Sub Contractors

Both can apply here.
Please take your time and read this entire page.

The link below is to another site. We use this site for several reasons.

  • You can leave your contact information there
  • Not only can we find you,
  • other contractors can find you too!
  • And any other employer can also find you.
  • They keep your contact information up to date so we can find you instantly.
  • Allowing us to focus on getting the jobs
  • For us that is a good thing.

What they dont have is a bonus plan.
But We Do!

Get paid normal wages and get BONUSES based on Your performance.
We want you to do good, the customer wants you to do good, and we pay you for it. Dont try to talk to any body else about bonuses. After you are done on their site, we will be in direct contact with you and get you on track to start receiving those bonuses.

To get started, just tap below.

Professionalism and higher values
are expected. Everyone expects you will do what you say you can.